10 reasons non-binary people are hot AF

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I came out as nonbinary in 2017 — and shortly thereafter started using they/them pronouns exclusively. In that time, I’ve only dated a few people — their genders and sexualities on a wide spectrum.

Since coming out as nonbinary, I’ve also come out as asexual, polyamorous, and underwent top surgery. My experience has by no means been linear, but one of the greatest joys of my life has been making nonbinary friends and feeling their love and support, and validation of my gender.

So, in honor of the month of love, loving my friends, and cheering for platonic intimacy within friend groups:

10 reasons nonbinary people are hot AF

fuck gender norms

Nonbinary people are hot, and attractive because we don’t subscribe to traditional gender norms. There’s no way to perceive us — because nonbinary folks are like jelly beans, we’re all different and fantastic.

the best comedians

I love nonbinary people and think they’re hot because they’re also exceptionally funny. No one comes close to a nonbinary person’s sense of humor because who could be funnier than someone who wakes up every day and shoves their foot up the heteronormative society’s ass? Nobody could be funnier.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

subverting gendered fashion norms

I love nonbinary people because they drive fashion trends. In the same way, Reddit is the underground of radical ideas and hilarious memes — nonbinary people are the trendsetters in the world of gendered fashion. They subverted ideas of what is and isn’t stylish for a gender long before we saw cis people on the cover of Vogue in performative dresses.

every nonbinary person experiences gender differently

Nonbinary people are hot as fuck because our genders come in a fbaulous variety pack. I know my other nonbinary friends experience their gender in a different way than me — which makes it SO FRUSTRATING trying to explain to someone outside of the transgender community how we may both be nonbinary, but completely different and unique. It makes us hotter, tbh — that and the whole not being able to be perceived.

side note: TikTok may lead you to believe, because the algorithm is racist, that all nonbinary people are white, thin, and trans masculine— this is a lie!

nonbinary genders did not start, and will not end with white people — read more here (click the link)

some nonbinary people choose to inform others of their ignorance

Nonbinary people are hot AF because they are kind. I know how easy and great it would feel to be mean and cruel to everyone in a world that misgenders me every day. I think nonbinary people are hot because so many of us choose to become consultants, to educate and inform biased people when they harass us — nobody has to be an educator, but so many of us do.

challenging ideas of nuclear families

Nonbinary people are hot because we challenge the nuclear family ideas at the ground level. We’re investigating how to raise our kids to feel as though gender is an option, just like changing the color of your nails or getting a haircut. We’re raising genderqueer kids and allowing them to pick their own adventure without punishment. That’s exceptionally hot.

nonbinary people share our experiences

Nonbinary people are hot because so many of us choose to share our experiences. We write, speak, record videos, messages and inform our audiences. We choose, many of us, to be open and transparent — because at some point in our lives, another nonbinary person did the same for us, and it helped us find who we are. Weare constantly paying it forward by living our truths and experiences openly — that’s super hot.

nonbinary people have weird taste in music (lol)

Nonbinary people are hot AF because we have weird music tastes. OKAY, THIS IS BIASED — but in my perception, I love that among the nonbinary community literally, no two people listen to the same genres in the same way. It’s fabulous, I love it.

many of us are also neurodivergent!

Nonbinary people are hot because a lot of us are also neurodivergent! Our brains conceptualize gender, empathy, and society on a MUCH deeper level than many folks realize, and that’s so hot. Read more about neurodivergent transgender people here

Photo by SLAYTINA from Pexels

nonbinary people are exceptional

Nonbinary people are hot because we exist. Nonbinary people have existed for hundreds of years, throughout history, throughout different cultures. We have transcended time and expectations of a binary society — and will CONTINUE to do so, because in queerness we experience freedom from expectations, to forge our own paths. Nonbinary people are exceptionally hot because we are diverse, exceptional, and incredible.

read more about the history of nonbinary genders in the world here



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