6+ Easy Gender Neutral Ways to Greet People in Customer Service

Six easy gender neutral ways to greet people in customer service

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  1. “Hello! Welcome to [name of shop here], my name is Lexie, what can I get started for you today // help you with today?”
  2. “Good morning folks, how is everyone doing today?”
  3. “Welcome to [shop name here], did you have something specific you were shopping for today?”
  4. “Hello! My name is Jay, I’m a store associate, what name can I use for you while I’m assisting you today?”
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Getting someone’s attention who may not notice you immediately:

  1. “Hello! I can help the next person in line, is that you? Please step right up!”
  2. “Excuse me! I am trying to get that person’s attention, the person wearing the red shirt and grey pants next to you- could you direct them to me?”
  3. “Excuse me! Can I assist you in finding what you’re looking for today?”
  4. “Hi there! I noticed you may be looking for something specific, is there any way I can help?”
  5. “Hello, my name is Bailey, are you in need of any assistance today? Great! What is your **name? Awesome, how can I assist you today, [name]?”

How to ask for someone’s pronouns:

Exiting // saying goodbye

  1. “It was my pleasure, you all have a great day now, thank you!”
  2. “Thank you so much everyone, have a wonderful rest of your day!”
  3. “We will see you next time, friends!”
  4. “Folks, let me know if you have any more questions for me, and I hope you have a great weekend!”
  5. “Thanks so much for your time today, [name] I hope you have a great rest of your Thursday!”

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