8 Tips for using Twitter in 2022

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I’m not shy about proclaiming my love of Twitter from every corner of the internet — but for many folks, they don’t realize that I didn’t start out loving Twitter. It sort of….grew on me? Twitter isn’t for everyone, but I would encourage folks who may be looking for a fresh start in a new app to give it a try.

I’m Liz, I love social media, I’m an entrepreneur and business coach — and I started my business in social media consulting.

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Here are a few reasons I love Twitter:

  • Twitter is THE networking app, not Linkedin
  • Twitter has a character limit — so people can’t blather for 500 words in-app, there’s a limit to rants
  • Twitter is especially popular among authors, scientists, comedians, and entrepreneurs (all people I enjoy engaging with)
  • Twitter is easy to search for keywords // finding what you’re looking for quickly

If you’re thinking about giving Twitter a try,

here are 8 ways to better curate your experience on Twitter in 2022.

Tip #1 It’s all about the lists

PC: https://www.lifewire.com/twitter-list-101-2654617

I tweet every now and then, “set up your private lists, beloved” because that is TRULY the only way to hack through the Twitter feed. As soon as you follow more than 100 folks, you’re going to miss stuff from brands //real people // mentors, etc. I’d encourage you to set up at least 2–3 private lists right away, give them names, keep them private, and add accounts to the lists that are relevant to the topic.

List name suggestions: my VIP friends list, favorite authors, social media pros, comic book artist central, brands I’d like to work for, etc

Using lists helps you determine who is actually worth it to follow, instead of following 300 people and not knowing what accounts to cull when you start to feel overwhelmed.

Here are some helpful tips from Hootsuite about how to set up lists on Twitter

Tip #2 Schedule your self-promo in-app

PC: https://9to5mac.com/2019/11/20/twitter-schedule-tweets-web/

“Why would I be-” shhh, if you’re here, you’re listening. This is me-time. As a person, you’ve got stuff you want to plug. Use Twitter’s desktop site to schedule these tweets so you can check that off your to-do list and move on with your life. Don’t forget to come back and retweet, thank people for sharing, and hit the replies.

Here’s a helpful article on how you can schedule tweets on Twitter

Tip #3 Do not retweet everything

Listen, I learned this one….the hard way. I thought I was really slick, quote-retweeting everything with emojis in the reply above. And that got me marked for spam REAL fast. Don’t be like me, if something is interesting, reply to the tweet or quote tweet the tweet. If you’re retweeting everything you see, people aren’t going to follow you — they’re going to follow whoever you’re retweeting the most.

Curious what the difference between a retweet or a quote-tweet? Read this helpful article here!

Tip #4 Don’t be shy, come engage!

If people are asking a question, they’re looking for an answer or response! To play it safe, don’t hit the ground running by replying to every personal tweet you see. Look for more general calls for responses like:

“What’s your favorite winter activity”, “What concerts are you planning to attend in 2022” or “What social media do you use the most, and why?”

These are prompts for YOU a real human being to reply to, tweets that have a higher engagement aka replies // likes // shares are shown to more people on Twitter, which means if you reply, you’re helping to boost the tweet AND your response is more likely to be seen than if you just posted on your own page. So get in there! Pro tip: people love pet pics, so if you have a pet — this is definitely one tip you need to act on.

Tip #5 Add your pronouns to your username and bio

I have my pronouns in my handle and bio

Because of how fast Twitter moves, it’s important to have your pronouns visible, so if someone is replying to you — they know what pronouns to use when referring to you. This can also help with names. Some people treat Twitter like Reddit and expect anonymity, but then get upset when they’re misgendered or misnamed. To prevent this, or at least deter people from this mistake, share your pronouns and a nickname in your bio.

Tip #6 you don’t have to be funny to be on Twitter

I know — is this even a tip? It is! People assume that Twitter is only for people who like dry humor, quick wit, or could minor in being a comedian. This is NOT true. Twitter is for everyone because Twitter is a universe, not a genre. If you’re not comfortable cracking jokes or using sarcasm online, there are plenty of corners of Twitter for wholesome memes, ominous positivity, and helpful tips.

Tip #7 use the advanced search feature

PC: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/twitter-advanced-search-guide/214202/

I mentioned above that one of the reasons I love Twitter is because of the search feature. If you’ve ever done social media consulting, you know places like Pinterest and Instagram are a pain to search because of how the app shares results. Twitter is a dream compared to those squares; there’s a reason linguists love to run experiments using Twitter data because it’s so much easier to access and read quickly. Use keywords on Twitter the same way you’d google things. To get you started try searching for something of interest, for example:

“Trans author 2022” and “ houseplant cat non-toxic” or “AITA Reddit”

(Am I the Asshole is a great account to follow because people LOVE to give their opinions, this may be a fun place for you to jump in)

for more info on how to use Twitter’s advanced search featurecheck out this help article.

Tip #8 Use Twitter to find new opportunities

The FIRSt place I talked about looking for a new job was on Twitter. Why? Because Twitter is where people are searching for new opportunities. Twitter is where people put out calls for journalist requests, article pitches for magazines, job opportunities, or scholarship/intern openings. Because twitter excels at FASt communication, information is often shared in-app before it’s released publicly by brands or businesses. It’s always good to do a little fact-checking so you don’t get #catfished by anyone, but using Twitter to connect with recruiters was one of the smartest moves I made in 2021 when I began my job search.

Join me on Twitter!

If you love these tips and want to hang out with me on Twitter, you can follow me here!




Hey, I’m Liz Brinks (they/them) I’m a queer gender-non-conforming writer, business coach & cat-parent (@itsjuustliz everywhere) based out of Wisconsin!

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Liz Brinks

Liz Brinks

Hey, I’m Liz Brinks (they/them) I’m a queer gender-non-conforming writer, business coach & cat-parent (@itsjuustliz everywhere) based out of Wisconsin!

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