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One of the places I experience the most gendering or being misgendering is when I am working with someone in customer service. Whether it’s a fellow teammate or when I am the customer myself, it can be very easy to use the wrong pronouns or name for someone based on an assumption someone is making about their gender or appearance. It is critical to allow customers to share their names and pronouns on their own terms, especially in customer service settings.

As a nonbinary person, it’s important to me that transgender people feel safe in public spaces — which is…

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Why is it important for cisgender people to educate themselves on transgender issues — and to advocate for the acceptance of their genderdiverse coworkers?

A recent study shared that there are more than 1 million nonbinary people living in the United States, so the odds of working with someone who is nonbinary or transgender are quite higher than you may think ;) What’s important to note here is you may never know if a coworker is non-binary or transgender, the only way to know is if they straight up tell you “hey, this is my gender”. Assuming that someone is…

In a new update to Pinterest, profile users can now add two sets of pronouns to their profiles. This update follows the sweeping update to Instagram, and Linkedin allowing users to add pronouns to their profiles outside of their bio — read more about the Instagram update here.

How to update your pronouns on Pinterest

  1. log in or create a new account at or in the app.

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You’ve definitely seen the age-old trope in TV shows, in real-life conversations of folks lamenting being anyone’s “first time”. The embarrassment, fear, worry that there’s a huge expectation and the emotional commitment is enough to steer most people away.

Dating as a queer person in the midwest (although, this is mostly true no matter where you are because the midwest is in fact, very very gay) has its challenges, but nothing truly compares to navigating online dating as a nonbinary person. …

gc2b transitional apparel

First things first: you do not have to bind, nor do you ever have to. You do not have to be dysphoric to try out binding, and you do not have to use a binder even if you do experience dysphoria.

Next, who am I? I am Liz, a transgender, non-binary person who experiences chest dysphoria — hi! I use they/them pronouns. I had top surgery in March of 2021 after binding for two years. …

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With a URL slug like “giving-people-more-control” Instagram seems to be attempting to address and perhaps even target folks who have been feeling overwhelmed by the app, especially in recent months as an entire population of fully vaccinated folks are slowly venturing out into the world and seem to be documenting their journey every step of the way. Read the full release on the Instagram Blog here: Giving People More Control

Whether or not to keep likes has been a hotly debated topic for users and creators alike on Instagram for a while, it’s nothing new. Instagram took away likes for…

I loved this so much! Excellent advice, and I found you worded a lot of my own thoughts when reading others' profiles wonderfully!

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I used to live religiously by a daily planner. It began in high school when we were required to carry our school-year agenda at all times in order to use the bathroom and also served as a hall pass when we were running late.

It made sense to continue using a planner in college because I was still carrying textbooks, a laptop, and a backpack everywhere. It didn’t stop the late-night panic that I’d forgotten to write something down. …

I've long thought of my twitter fam as a community, and being intentional about how I engage with them has become really important to me!

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If you’re a small business, content creator, or brilliant meme maker who wants to grow your following on Instagram, these brief tips are just for you! As a content creator myself, I spend time talking to clients about how they can show up authentically on social media, and grow their brand. Let’s dive in!

  1. Caption everything — and use complete sentences!

This might seem like a no-brainer, but in order for people to come to hang out on your page — they need stuff to look at! Caption your grid authentically, including a few emojis (I’m limiting you to 2–3)…


Hey, I’m Liz, (They/Them)! I’m a 23-year old queer gender-non-conforming writer, educator & cat-parent (@itsjuustliz everywhere) based in the midwest

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