L Brinks is a nonbinary writer, business owner and professional hype person based in Green Bay, WI. They have over 5 years of experience in social media strategy and management for queer-owned brands. They specialize in strategic development of branding via social media platforms such as instagram and twitter, providing curated recommendations in media branding guides and performing social media audits. Their work also expands into the operations and business success strategies in their business coaching venture. They currently work closely with first-time business owners creating sustainable methods of creativity, boundaries with clients and creating offers that they enjoy. L is currently a business coach, online blogger, social media manager, executive assistant, podcast host as well as GM for various DnD campaigns, cat-parent and prolific houseplant curator (they hate succulents). They also get really excited when designing work-from-home spaces and usually have some quip to share about cat behavior or Facebook marketplace. Read more about them at www.itsjustliz.com or book a discovery call here: https://calendly.com/itsjustliz/discovery-call-20-min

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Liz Brinks

Hey, I’m Liz Brinks (they/them) I’m a queer gender-non-conforming writer, business coach & cat-parent (@itsjuustliz everywhere) based out of Wisconsin!