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Business coaching taught me about my audience

Growing up I used to think of myself as an alien. All the ways I liked to communicate, and scour the earth for information didn’t translate very well to the people around me. I liked to start with big ideas and reverse engineer them down to the smallest bit. I was always deconstructing pens in Sunday school and fixing appliances around my home — to various degrees of success.

When I started my own businesses, I had a very specific way of sharing information. I would stick to big, vague concepts that weren’t too detailed because I thought my clients needed to see the big picture. I thought my audience’s minds worked the same way mine does, and they would get annoyed with all the niche information I had stored in my brain.

What I learned from coaching was how to combine what I wanted to talk about with the methodology that would work for sharing with my audience. I could share snarky, niche insights about algorithms and consistent branding without having to zoom out and talk about healthy boundaries with social media.

In other words, I was preparing a five course meal for an audience that preferred content that was mostly spoon fed to them or finger food. Slow and steady, dripped into their mouths over a long period of time. I had no idea people could consume content so slowly and still enjoy it — that’s completely backwards from my own experience with information seeking.

Business coaching gave me a leg up in my communication styles because I know a lot about a lot of different things, and it can feel tough breaking that down for a client without practice. That’s why I focus on creativity, solving burnout, and making offers that work for my clients AND their audiences so they can earn income doing something they enjoy.

My business coaching program has a limit of five spots, click here to learn more; subscribe to my email list here if you want to be the first to know when this program opens.



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Liz Brinks

Hey, I’m Liz Brinks (they/them) I’m a queer gender-non-conforming writer, business coach & cat-parent (@itsjuustliz everywhere) based out of Wisconsin!