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  • Rey Katz

    Rey Katz

    Writer | Athlete | Software Engineer

  • Z Gervais (she/her/hers)

    Z Gervais (she/her/hers)

    I’m a coach the way the hermit lady of yore who gave advice in exchange for a goat was a coach. I’ve got ADHD and a spiritual calling. https://fiercedaisy.com/

  • Zuva


    EiC of An Injustice! | Works in Business Insider, Huffington Post, Greatist, ZORA etc | Rules are made to be critiqued + bettered | Email — hello@zuvaseven.com

  • Charlie Bartlett

    Charlie Bartlett

    brijamarican queer non-binary writer. Moving through the world with conscious effort. Writing on Gender, Sexuality, mental health and LIFE ✨Tweet:@mxcharlieb

  • Naomi Day

    Naomi Day

    Speculative fiction and Afrofuturist writer. Software engineer. US-based; globally oriented. I think and write about building new worlds.

  • Brianne Huntsman

    Brianne Huntsman

    Queer feminist and activist. Designer via @Stanford. Freelance creative & consultant. Here to raise a little hell. www.thehuntswomangroup.com

  • Mike Albert

    Mike Albert

  • Eduardo Morales

    Eduardo Morales

    @pinlord 📌 @potteryforall 🌱 & @macramemakers 🍶on Instagram. Demystifying how Instagram works👌🏽 Follow for updates: https://instagram.com/theeduardomorales

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