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The case for abortion: do not give up

This is not the end of our liberation and rights. Do not let this lead you into despair, do not give up. Speak with your voices. Be steady and strong, unwavering. Speak your mind, speak your truth and do not let this make you falter.

We have every right to be afraid, to worry. I think responsible people know the importance of gathering the facts. Our reality is a little less steady, uncertain, but we can always return balance to the board.

Much like queer people through the millenia, abortion will never go out of existence. It will remain, people will continue to choose not to have babies, and choose to end pregnancies and choose. They will continue to choose, and they can never take that right away from anyone — they can only make it harder.

This is not meant to be a false hope, but a moment of respite. Let these words be a ledge to cling to on the long climb as we scale and crawl back towards what we have lost. We know they will try and come for those we love, take away more rights, push more nonsensical agendas to the media. During fucking pride month no less.

I don’t have a lot to offer anyone at this moment, but if I can share some insight. These individuals, these conservative, religious white families do not care about lives. They care about babies. They do not care about teenagers in foster care, or single-parent families, or non-traditional polycule family structures. They are acting out of fear, because they care about control.

Control is a matter of perspective, and while I worry because they’ve played the long game, gaining control of the courts and making moves in the house and the senate — this will not be forever. This is temporary, and our rights, our resistance is not going anywhere.

This weekend alone so many of you have taken to the streets, held up your signs, put your name to petitions and more. So many are planning a strike in the coming weeks, and I know there is plenty more action to come.

Abortion access is a way of life, a right to any individual regardless of gender or sex. It’s only a tiny bit about abortion, and a much bigger message the conservative right are trying to send about control and religious persecution. Do not be fooled, they have an aggressive agenda that will take time to dismantle. But this is not an ending, this is not the moment to despair.

With preemptive bans at the ready in many states, including my own, we know the way forward will be harrowing, but not impossible. They did it before, with even less resources, and connection, and we will re-instate the right to a safe and legal abortion again. We will restore abortion access for all genders. If they come for equality of marriage and race, we will restore those as well.

Do not give up, do not let yourself be overcome, and do not liken this to the apocalypse. Lack of access and representation in reproductive justice has long been an issue that many have rallied against for decades. Now it is front and center, and we are all asking, “what do we do now?”

Let your answer be action, may your words and feet be steady; abortion is not gone, and we will regain access again and again and again. Don’t give up. Bring your full magical fucking self, and do not give up.

“70 percent of Wisconsin *women live in counties with no abortion clinic. Wisconsin has an unenforced pre-Roe ban.” *people



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